Questions from athletes just like you come in all the time. If you can’t find an answer here, please feel free to email us at



Can my child participate if they are under 15?

Probably. Please email us and let us know that you have a kiddo who wants to race. We only restrict online registration to those 15 and older so we can touch base with the parents or guardians of the younger ones about individual abilities.


Do relay team members need to register if I have already registered as the Captain?

Yes! All relay captains & team members must register separately. This is how we get your emergency contact information & T-Shirt size.


What are the weight limits for the Athena / Clydesdale divisions?

To qualify for the Athena division, women must weigh at least 165lbs, and men racing as Clydesdales must weigh at least 215lbs. All who wish to compete in these divisions will be weighed in at packet pick-up.


I paid the $12 USAT fee when I registered. When will I receive my membership card?

Annual memberships are available directly through USAT by going to The $12 fee you paid when you registered is only a One-Day License so a card will not be sent.


Can someone else pick up my packet for me?

Sorry, no. USAT requires that each athlete pick up their own packet. Photo ID will be required to do so.


Do I have to get body marked?

Yes. You can choose to do so either at packet pick-up or on your way into transition on race morning, but all athletes must be body marked.


If I am injured or unable to race, may I get a refund?

Sorry, no. Refunds will not be given under any circumstances.


If I am unable to race, may I give my entry to a friend or family member?

Yes, with some stipulations. Please read more here under “Transfer/Refund Policy.”


Can I wear my iPod during the race?

No audio devices will be allowed on the course whatsoever. If an athlete is found to be wearing an audio device of any kind during their race, either the device will be confiscated (not to be returned) or the athlete will be removed from the course and disqualified.



How early should I arrive?

Athletes are welcome to arrive as early as transition opens. There’s really no point in arriving any earlier as no one will be allowed into transition until that time.


How do you keep my equipment safe?

Volunteers are positioned at all the in’s and out’s of transition and will be checking to be sure body markings and numbers on equipment match



Are wetsuits allowed / required?

As defined by USAT’s competitive rules, athletes will be allowed to wear a wetsuit in water up to and including 78°. Should the water test warmer than that on race morning, wearing a wetsuit would exclude you from award eligibility. Wetsuits are HIGHLY recommended for all Colorado races.


Do I have to swim a freestyle stroke?

Although freestyle is the most common, any stroke that propels you forward will be acceptable.


If I hang on to a kayak, will I be disqualified?

No. You may hang onto a boat, kayak, or buoy for as long as you need to, but using any of these devices to help propel you forward will result in disqualification.


I’m nervous about an open water swim. Do you have any tips?

Open water swims can be intimidating so your first time out there should NEVER be on race day. Many lakes in the area have swim beaches… some even have measured courses available for practice. We recommend you find some open water and practice several times in advance.


Can I wear fins or a snorkel?

If you have neck issues or struggle with breathing during the swim, you may wear a snorkel but doing so will eliminate you from award contention.  If you decide to use a snorkel, please notify the timing company of your decision prior to the race.  Flotation devices, fins, paddles or any other equipment that assists you in forward propulsion will result in disqualification.



Can I use my mountain bike?

Yes. Many do.


Can I ride a recumbent or tandem bike?

Sorry, no.


Do I need to have my bike inspected?

It’s always a good idea to be sure your equipment is in good working order, but not required.



Do I have to wear my race number?

Yes! Please affix / wear all bib numbers provided, being sure your number is visible from the front when you cross the finish line. This will not only assist our timers, allowing for more accurate results / awards, but will help our photographers identify you and your photos later.


Can I walk if I want / need to?

Absolutely. Beginners and veterans alike are welcome at all YCS events. Race as competitively as you are comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions